emuiibo is a popular software that allows Nintendo Switch users to emulate amiibo functionality. It offers a convenient way to use virtual amiibo cards, saving users from the hassle of carrying physical amiibo figures. However, some users have reported issues with emuiibo Current Game Is Not Intercepted properly. In this article, we will explore the possible reasons behind this problem and discuss potential solutions.

What is emuiibo?

emuiibo is an open-source software developed by XorTroll. It allows users to emulate amiibo functionality on their Nintendo Switch console. By using emuiibo, users can create virtual amiibo cards and use them in games that support amiibo functionality. This eliminates the need for physical amiibo figures and provides a convenient way to access exclusive in-game content.

The Issue: emuiibo Current Game Is Not Intercepted

Some emuiibo users have reported that the Software emuiibo Current Game Is Not Intercepted properly. This means that when they try to use virtual amiibo cards in a game, the game does not recognize the emulated amiibo and does not provide the expected in-game content.

Possible Reasons for the Issue

There can be several reasons why emuiibo Current Game Is Not Intercepted properly:

  • Outdated emuiibo Version: One possible reason could be that the user is using an outdated version of emuiibo. It is important to regularly update the software to ensure compatibility with the latest games and firmware updates.
  • Incompatible Game: Another reason could be that the game the user is trying to play is not compatible with emuiibo. Some games have specific requirements or anti-cheat measures that prevent the use of emulated amiibo cards.
  • Incorrect Configuration: The issue could also arise from incorrect configuration settings in emuiibo. It is important to properly configure the software, including setting up the correct paths for the virtual amiibo cards and enabling the necessary options.
  • System Updates: System updates from Nintendo can sometimes cause compatibility issues with emuiibo. If the user recently updated their Nintendo Switch firmware, it could be causing the problem.

Potential Solutions

If you are experiencing the issue of emuiibo Current Game Is Not Intercepted, here are some potential solutions:

  1. Update emuiibo: Make sure you are using the latest version of emuiibo. Check the official website or GitHub repository for any updates and install them.
  2. Check Game Compatibility: Verify if the game you are trying to play is compatible with emuiibo. Check online forums and communities to see if other users have reported similar issues with the game.
  3. Review Configuration Settings: Double-check your emuiibo configuration settings. Ensure that the paths for the virtual amiibo cards are correct and that all necessary options are enabled.
  4. Rollback System Updates: If you recently updated your Nintendo Switch firmware and started experiencing the issue, consider rolling back the system update. This can be done by accessing the System Settings and selecting the option to revert to a previous firmware version.


emuiibo is a powerful tool that enhances the amiibo experience on the Nintendo Switch. However, if you are facing issues with emuiibo Current Game Is Not Intercepted, it can be frustrating. By following the potential solutions mentioned in this article, you can troubleshoot the problem and get back to enjoying your favorite games with emulated amiibo functionality.